Social media, make friends

Social media ,make friends – Social media has definitely changed the way we communicate
and connect with the world around us.

Social media ,make friends

Can you dare to say that
social media and technology have made us a little lazy about
friendship? I know I sin sometimes too.

There are times when I
realize I haven’t seen anyone for a long time and decide to
comment on her recent Instagram post or reply to her story
instead of calling her. I know


Social media ,make friends – A sip. As a typical millennial, I am very hostile to mobile phones.
I can hardly call my mom. After all, with text messaging, direct
mail and email included, calling someone can be really
awkward. But sometimes phone calls are better than virtual
messages. Especially if you are talking to a friend who does not
live nearby.

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After the social media you have to meet the person and you
can talk about your plain and thought about the future . You
may get the benefits through there help.
Advantage of online friend
Having online friend is a good thing. The current society is
modern high-tech society. A large number of social networking
sites are available now-a-days. These sites are meant to
discover world and know people across. So there is no harm
making online friends. Keeping in mind that this virtual world
shouldn’t become the only priority. Sometimes we get so much
indulged in that virtual world that we forget the real one. This is
one of the drawback, not of these social networking sites but of


You can have friends who enjoy talking on the phone or those
who love text messages. Remember this when connecting.
Basically, it’s important to call or speak directly when you have
more to say than just a few texts. However, this can vary from
person to person and from comfort. Some people enjoy talking
on the phone while others are writing and writing text
throughout the day. It’s important to know your friends and
their preferences.


We all respond poorly to text messages, but as you know, we
have friends checking our phones because we like Instagram
posts or tweets. Or maybe you are a friend. This can be
frustrating for the recipient, but you must be patient.


Sometimes we can take our friendship for granted and think
that they will always be there, but friendship also takes effort.
“What really matters is hard work.” Recently in January, I
received a text from a distant friend of mine confirming how
busy we are all, but he asked if we could arrange a weekend
get-together in April. The thought behind it meant a lot to me,
and I remember thinking it was worth looking forward to and
taking the time to chat..”


Some friendships may have changed or broken, or the
relationship may have been poisoned. This can be very
frustrating, but that’s okay too. It will help you prioritize and
balance friendships.

See who is contributing to your life in a
way that gives you support and positive emotions. Some
friendships can dry up when the other person receives more
than they give. Think about your friendship priorities and what
a true friend means to you.

Social media ,make friends

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Just because we are behind the scenes does not mean that we
should treat them differently than when we are in front of
other people. This is especially true for people who often say
things they would never say in person.

Online bullying is an
epidemic and I believe that we should all treat each other with
kindness, respect and care at all times. One way to maintain
and develop friendships is to be supportive of everyone you are
friends with, especially on the Internet. It’s important to like
your photos and spread positive thoughts to people through
comments, and to inspire and support your online friends.

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